Square Mockups for Digital Products

square promotional mockups for digital products

Canva mockups for promoting digital products


Are you looking to boost your digital product sales with eye-catching promotional graphics? Look no further! These square mockups are designed specifically for entrepreneurs and creatives to make it simple to create stunning visuals that capture attention and drive engagement.


Unleash the power of visual marketing with these easy-to-use Canva templates!


Why choose this template?


Versatility: Includes ready-to-use mockups for a variety of digital products including 8.5×11″ printables, A4 documents, printable card decks, spreadsheets, and digital courses.


Customizable: Edit colors, fonts, and images to match your brand’s style using Canva’s user-friendly interface.


Save time: Skip the hassle of designing from scratch. Our templates are pre-designed by professionals to get you started quickly.



Square promotional mockups for Canva

Template includes:

12 mockups to promote 8.5×11″ products

4 mockups to promote A4 products

5 mockups to promote card decks

8 mockups to promote tablet/phone/computer products


Template features a “creamsicle” color scheme.

Here’s a look at the template:

square promotional mockups for digital products

*30 unique pins
* 2000 x 2000 pixels
* Editable Canva template
* Digital download, not a physical product


This product comes with a LIMITED COMMERCIAL-USE license.
Product may be customized for your own personal or commercial promotional use only. Source files may not be sold.


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