Seasonal Self-Care Card Deck Template

Seasonal Self-Care Card Deck Canva Template

A full year of season-inspired self-care 


We all know that self-care is important, but just as necessary is making sure it aligns correctly with the season. By engaging in self-care practices that are attuned to a specific time of year, we are encouraging a deeper connection to ourselves and the world around us.


This is evergreen, done-for-you content, editable in Canva. 

Seasonal self-care helps us to:


check Harmonize with nature: Each season brings its own unique energy, elements, and challenges. It helps us maintain a sense of balance and harmony with the world around us.


check Embrace growth and change: It teaches us to adapt to new circumstances and find strength in change. Seasonal self-care becomes a pathway for personal growth, self-reflection, and renewal.


check Become mindful and aware: Practicing seasonal self-care encourages us to be present and mindful in the moment by appreciating the beauty and richness of each season with a sense of gratitude and grounding.

seasonal self-card front and backside
self-care card deck template inspired by the seasons of the year

Card template features:


Instructions for use

Motivational poster

Card backside

108 unique self-care activities
(27 each for winter, spring, summer, fall)

Blank cards

Here’s a look at the pages:

seasonal self-care card deck template pages

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* Canva template
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