Intermittent Fasting Planner Template

Intermittent Fasting Commer-Use Planner Template

Achieve health and wellness goals


Get ready to help your audience transform their health with intermittent fasting!


The intermittent fasting approach aims to optimize the body’s metabolic processes, enhance fat burning, and promote overall health. It offers numerous benefits such as weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity, enhanced brain function, and reduced inflammation. 


Help your audience (or yourself) join countless others who have discovered the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting.


This template includes:


  • Cover design
  • Introduction to intermittent fasting
  • Worksheets for different fasting methods
  • In-depth self-assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Creating a routine
  • Progress tracking
  • Reward system
  • Nutrition guide
  • Meal planning
  • Food log
Intermittent Fasting Planner Template
intermittent fasting progress tracking
intermittent fasting tracking

Why Choose This Planner Template?

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Customizable and User-Friendly
Easily edit and personalize in Canva to fit your unique needs.

Evergreen Content
You can earn passive income on this product year-round, it is popular in all seasons.

Designed for Success
Each section is thoughtfully crafted to help stay organized, motivated, and on track.

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned faster, this planner is suitable for all levels.


How do I customize the template? Our planner template is designed for easy customization in Canva. Simply open the template in Canva, and you can edit text, colors, and layouts to fit your needs.

Can I use this planner on my mobile device? Yes, you can access and edit the Canva template on your mobile device using the Canva app.

Do I need a Canva Pro account to use this template? No, you can use this template with a free Canva account.

Intermittent Fasting Planner Template

* 26 pages
* Canva template
* A4 and 8.5×11″ sizes included
* Digital download, not a physical product

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