Etsy Digital Sellers Kit

Etsy Digital Sellers Kit

Does your Etsy shop have a cohesive look?


Having an appealing and professional shop can not only attract shoppers but also enhance their overall shopping experience. Here are a few ways in which an appealing appearance can benefit your store: 


  • Boosts customer confidence: A well-maintained and visually appealing Etsy shop helps customers trust in the quality of your products and services, making them more likely to make a purchase.


  • Improves brand image: A professional shop appearance can improve your brand’s image and create a positive brand association in the minds of shoppers.


  • Enhances customer satisfaction: A cohesive shop can make customers feel comfortable and relaxed, leading to a more enjoyable shopping experience.


You want your Etsy shop to tell your visual story and represent you.


This kit features:

large Etsy shop banner templates

3 large banner templates

mini Etsy shop banners

3 mini banner templates

receipt banners for Etsy shop

3 receipt banner templates

Etsy shop icon templates

3 shop icon templates

digital product listings for Etsy shop

10 digital product mockup templates

download page template

3 download page templates

brand board for Etsy shop templates

Brand board

directions for use

Direction and tips PDF

Customize this kit with easy drag and drop features in Canva.

This product comes with a PERSONAL-USE license.
You may customize it for your own personal use only. The template access may not be copied, sold, or given away.

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