Coping With Your Emotions Workbook Template

Coping with your Emotions Workbook Canva Template

Support your audience on their emotional wellness journey 


Designed with expertise and care, this comprehensive workbook template provides an empowering framework for exploring, understanding, and coping with emotions effectively. Providing this valuable resource to uplift emotional well-being will help your audience bring about positive changes in all aspects of daily living.


By actively engaging with our emotions, we can cultivate a healthier and more fulfilling life.


This workbook is evergreen done-for-you
content in the very popular self-help
personal development niche. 


What to expect from this workbook:

check  Identify and label emotions

check  Develop healthy coping strategies for managing challenging emotions

check  Cultivate self-awareness and emotional resilience

check  Foster a positive and balanced mindset


affirmation divider pages
pages inside coping with your emotions workbook template


  • Introduction page
  • Affirmation dividers
  • Identifying emotions
  • Finding triggers
  • Reframing thoughts
  • Breathwork
  • Daily checklist
  • Seeking support
  • Setting goals
  • Emotional reflecting

Plus more!


Save countless hours!
All the hard work is done for you.


pages of Coping with your Emotions Workbook Template

* 30 pages
* Powerpoint & Canva templates
* A4 and 8.5×11″ sizes included
* Digital download, not a physical product

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